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Invest better with mathematics.

Learn how the software works.


Over the last few years our clients have been able to beat the markets several times.

*Past results are no indicator for future performance! CAPITAL AT RISK

Add diversification to your portfolio.

With the quantitative trading software SwissAlgoTrader, we offer you an excellent addition to your portfolio in order to diversify your risk even further.


Trust a robust risk management.

From the beginning the focus lies on the integration of a robust risk management.

The system executes small transaction sizes  many times a day based on specific conditions and trends. In addition manual overrides can be used during high volatility events to reduce risk further.


Successful in multiple asset classes.

We can customize our quant software according to your risk profile and your investment focus.


We offer different strategies that can be used in several markets.


In addition to the main field of application FOREX, the SwissAlgoTrader can also be used for futures (index, commodities) and crypto trading.


Software as a service - integrate it the easy way.

Use this unique software to manage your own trading activities or offer your clients special investment vehicles for the currency, derivatives and crypto markets.

We will be happy to advise you on the set up of your project.

Our algorithmic trading software can be easily integrated into your existing trading environment in various ways.

Thanks to its multi-interface architecture, the algorithmic trading software SwissAlgoTrader can be used with a lots of brokers and liquidity providers.

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Scalable solution for retail investors and professional portfolio managers.

Our system can be adapted to any user thanks to the wide range of integration options.

We offer SaaS solutions for all types of professional clients.


A symbiosis of cutting-edge technology and decades of human experience.

Our algorithmic trading software is more than mathematic rules and historic data.


At our strategy desk, based in Switzerland, a team of market analysts and quant trading specialists is watching the daily market environment and will adjust the software settings if necessary.


Trade your individual assets or join our ready-to-go solution.

We developed a ready-to-go software for the Forex market.

This version trades up to 8 currency pairs and is also running on Dow Jones 30.

You want to trade a special asset class or security?


Of course, we individualize the software for you according to your requirements and investment focus.


Trust only what you see.

Find here a verified live account of one of our clients.

You see here the growth and statistics of a small account started with $ 3,000.


Our international customer care team will help you with any questions.


Multi-market capability.

Works with the most broker.


Individual settings according to risk profile and investment focus.


Fair "performance-fee-only" pricing model.