Let´s make a better crypto world.

We believe in the future of the crypto universe - and we think we can make it a little better.

We have been successful on the international financial markets for many years as a developer of algorithm-based, automated trading systems.

Our interdisciplinary team can draw on more than 20 years of experience as market analysts, professional traders and quant specialists.

During these years we have witnessed a multitude of changes, developments and events.
The move away from manual to automated trading, the development of new asset classes and often turbulent markets constantly presented us with new challenges.

Now the age of cryptocurrencies is dawning.

And with it also a time of new possibilities, opportunities, but also dangers and difficulties.

With our experience and knowledge, we can master these new challenges.

One platform for easy buy, sell, swap and invest.

Our web-based platform, which will also be available as a mobile app in the future, is designed to set new standards in simplicity but also security.

In cooperation with the market leaders in the respective areas, we want to offer a central starting point for all crypto activities.

This should offer both newcomers and experienced market participants an outstanding user experience.

A professional automated trading strategy for investment and hedging.

The SwissAlgoTrader has been in professional use for many years in trading currencies, index derivatives and also cryptocurrencies and has recently become available to end customers via partner brokers.

It is the basis for our actual PAMM / Copy-Trading business and for our planned investment and hedging products. In addition it is used in our daily proprietary trading.

A mining farm, powered by zero-emission energy and managed by a diversified team.

In our new crypto mining farm in Texas, we want to meet the responsibility for a sustainable development of the crypto markets in the future and rely on several approaches.

In addition to the exclusive use of zero-emission energy for the operation of our data centers, mining farms and offices, we focus on the diversity and enrichment of a company through a diverse employee base.

Fixed return solutions for an easier investing.

We will create fixed income opportunities for crypto-holders.

They will get the possibility to rent out their cryptos to financial institutions or exchanges or can invest them in our own developed products.

Creating a safe and secure environment. 

Security is the top priority for us.
We rely on the outstanding market value experience of the leading companies in the crypto industry.

Our wallets are insured against loss and our standards in anti-money laundering and risk management are bank level.

All for a secure user experience.

Our funding round map.

To finance the next steps, we are in a multi-stage funding round.

Find here our detailed plans and investment opportunities.