Born in 

at home in the worldwide financial centres.

The algorithmic trading software developed by the Swiss UniCryp AG is used by professional investors, mutual- and hedgefunds, asset managers, family offices and institutional clients all around the globe.

The headquarter is based in Pfäffikon SZ, a centre for wealth management companies and close to Zug, the global hub for fintech and blockchain technology.


Our history

Our history dates back to the time when stocks, commodities and currencies were traded manually by telephone or simple computer systems.

The founder of Swiss UniCryp AG and today's Chairman Victor Ruoss worked for decades first as a professional trader and then as an advisor for various institutional investors and brokerage houses.
Already at that time he started to develop reliable strategies despite the only simple technology.

In 2018 the Swiss UniCryp AG was founded.


The future

The transformation of the global financial markets has only just begun.

In the future, there will be another multitude of digital currencies and other financial instruments based on blockchain.

For us, too, these changes are a challenge to further develop our software for ever new asset classes and market profiles.

Team & leadership

We are proud of our international team - because this is the basis for our outstanding success.

With our principles for fair cooperation, equality and integration, we always try to further optimize the existing working environment for our employees.



Victor Ruoss

Founder & Chairman

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Kai W. Schwab

Chief Executive Officer

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