One platform for easy buy, sell, swap and invest.

Our web-based platform, will be a secure, transparent peer-to-peer (P2P) foreign currency exchange and automated trading platform for fiat currency, cryptocurrency and synthetic instruments, built on blockchain to enable instant, reliable trading of both fiat- and crypto-currencies.

In cooperation with the market leaders in the respective areas, we want to offer a central starting point for all crypto activities.

This should offer both newcomers and experienced market participants an outstanding user experience.

Easy onboarding, fast KYC + secure funding and withdrawals. 

We know how fast onboarding has to be so that the customer feels comfortable from the very first moment.
Simplicity of all legal processes and a variety of trustworthy deposit and withdrawal methods are also important.

In addition to bank transfer, we want to offer the possibility of credit card use as well as the use of the service provider Skrill.

For customers who want to deposit cryptocurrencies, we offer an industry-leading wallet system in cooperation with Trustology.


A bridge account for deposits and withdrawals in FIAT & crypto currencies.

Our clients can start from the bottom - buy cryptos with credit card or bank wire in FIAT or transfer their cryptos direct into their wallet.

The withdrawals can also be processed in cryptos or fiat, independently from the initial funding method.


Buy, sell and swap crypto currencies in the easy way.

After completing the onboarding process, we want to provide our clients with an easy way to buy or resell cryptocurrencies.

In addition, we provide easy access to the liquidity of the leading exchanges, allowing our clients to trade on the crypto markets worldwide as well.

For beginners, there will be some theme-based coinbaskets, which makes it clear and cheap to invest in their own interests in the crypto market.

Using our automated trading software to hedge against price drops.

Our clients (depending on jurisdiction only for sophisticated investors) 
can use their cryptocurrencies as margin for hedging through financial derivatives.

In this case, the investors continue to participate in price increases of the asset, price losses can be mitigated by the performance of the software.

The advantage of this process is that the cryptocurrencies remain in the possession of the investor.

A selection of fixed income opportunities for a safe investment.

Meanwhile, many crypto exchanges offer the possibility to invest one's cryptocurrencies in various products with fixed profit rates.

But one of the safest is to lend the cryptocurrencies exactly to them.

But also classic brokerage houses have an increasing need for cryptocurrencies as collateral.

Brokers have to deposit collateral with the respective clearing houses in order to "interim finance" the trades, so to speak.

All combined with 
out-of-the-wallet card payments.

Our clients should not always having to worry about how to book back the invested capital but also any profits.

Of course, they can use bank wire or skrill for FIAT and transfer the cryptos to another wallet.

But one of our solutions is to pay with it.
With our debit master card, clients will be able to pay directly from the wallet or get cash at an ATM.


In a safe and secure environment.

As a Swiss company that has been integrated in the financial markets for years, we are aware of our responsibility to our clients.

We rely on the outstanding market value experience of the leading companies in the crypto industry.

Our wallets are insured against loss and our standards in anti-money laundering and risk management are bank level.

All for a secure user experience.