Don't let your Bitcoins sleep - lend them to us and earn 8% fixed every year.

Working with some of the largest crypto companies, we can offer you a unique opportunity to lend your cryptocurrencies as collateral and liquidity.

Brokers have to deposit collateral with the respective clearing houses in order to "interim finance" the trades, so to speak.
Profits and losses are then of course charged to the customer's account.

Brokerage houses can normally borrow this collateral from central banks, for example.

Logically, this does not work for cryptocurrencies. Other sources have to be tapped here.

Crypto exchanges need liquidity to meet the constant demand from new but also existing buyers, even if too few crypto units are currently for sale.


Fixed return solutions for an easier investing.

We will create fixed income opportunities for crypto-holders.

They will get the possibility to rent out their cryptos to financial institutions or exchanges or can invest them in our own developed products.


Trustful partners.

The increased scams recently do not really increase the trust in cryptocurrencies and investment opportunity providers.

Therefore, it is all the more important for us to work only with established and trustworthy companies.

Starting from the provider of the wallet infrastructure to the borrower of the cryptos - you can trust us and our partners.

How to earn.

Get in touch with us - We will then discuss all the details of the rental contract and send it to you to sign.

After the contract between us is finalized, you will send your crypto to our wallet at trustology - this is a specialized wallet provider for investment companies.

From this wallet the cryptos will be delivered to the customer.

Important for you: Your Cryptos always remain separate from the wallets and funds of the company! Even if a lender goes bankrupt, there is no danger that you will not get your cryptos back!

You can also choose from flexible contract terms and how you want your interest to be paid out. Here you can choose between Crypto or FIAT!

Contact us today and stop HODLing your cryptos unused.