Our funding map.

For further growth of our company, we are looking for new companions and investors.

- We offer you various opportunities to invest in our company.

Find the right way for you to become a part and help to make a better crypto world!

The purchase of this security is associated with substantial risks and may result in the complete loss of the invested assets.

1.) Financing with quarterly interest payment

With the possibility to invest a contribution at fixed conditions and to receive interest payments on a quarterly basis, we would like to address investors who are rather active in the short and medium term horizon.



Term until:


Interest payment:


Special conditions:

$ 250,000

a.) 2021/12/31

b.) 2022/06/30

8% per year

quarterly, 2%

One-time, at the end of the term.

The loan, interest payment and repayment of the loan can be made optionally in cryptocurrencies.

With our StartEngine campaign and the loan we want to set up the necessary company structures (Mining Corp. USA, Financial Authorities Regulation) to prepare the go live of our platform (ready for live) with the features buy/sell, automated trading and fixed income.

2.) Pre-IPO share sales program.

Become a shareholder in one of the futures leading crypto companies.


Get special benefits and take part in making the crypto world a little bit better


Maximum stake:

Maximum number of available shares:

Sales Value:

Minimum purchase:

Initial price per share:

Dividend payment:

Security Token:

Exit strategy:



EUR 3,000,000

EUR 100,000 (100,000 pcs.)

EUR 1.00

8% p.a. (quarterly paid)

Preferential allocation at STO with discounted conditions.

Going public (OTC / Canada / Frankfurt)

We intend to use the proceeds from our share sale primarily to invest in marketing / advertising and in the preparation of our STO.

In addition, the planning and plot reservation and development costs for the mining farm are to be financed from this.

3.) Security Token Offering (2021/2022).

In the end of 2021 respective early 2022 we want to release our security token offering.


Maximum coins:

Initial price per coin:

Total Value:

Minimum purchase:


Dividend payment:

Exit strategy:


$ 0.01

$ 50,000,000

$ 1,000 (100,000 pcs.)


8% p.a. (quarterly paid)

Rebuying, Exchange listing, Share swap

With the security token offering, we will close our current financing round towards the end of this year or at the latest in early 2022.

Upon reaching the minimum required capital, we will immediately start further preparations for the opening of our green mining farm.

The land and construction costs, the technical equipment and a reserve for salary payments will then be financed.

In addition, the company's expansion in Asia, Europe and the USA is to be made possible from this.

Important notice:

The purchase of this security is associated with substantial risks and may result in the complete loss of the invested assets.

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