A mining farm, powered by zero-emission energy and managed by a diversified team.

In our new crypto mining farm in Texas, we want to meet the responsibility for a sustainable development of the crypto markets in the future and rely on several approaches.

In addition to the exclusive use of zero-emission energy for the operation of our data centers, mining farms and offices, we focus on the diversity and enrichment of a company through a diverse employee base.

The steady growth of the crypto industry is becoming a real environmental hazard over time.

Not only the ever-growing demand for cryptocurrencies and the increase in mining, but also the increasing effort required to solve the computing work is causing the industry's energy needs to skyrocket.

We want to meet the ecological and social responsibility from the beginning of the planning to the implementation and operation of the mining farm.

We want to make crypto currencies green.

Texas - the new Crypto valley.

Texas Gov. Abbott recently signed a new legislative package that gives the legal framework for business activities around cryptocurrencies.

This makes Texas one of the most attractive locations for crypto mining. 

In addition, the excellent climatic conditions make it possible for us to use combined zero-emission energy sources to create a completely carbon-free mining industry.


Green liquidity for global exchanges.

Our carbon-free mined coins will subsequently be put to various other uses, depending on the market environment.

On the one hand, we will circulate a part of them via the worldwide crypto exchanges and thus support a steady increase of clean products.

Another use will be lending to institutional users. Likewise, a portion will be used as collateral for our proprietary trading.


Managed by a team full of diversity and inclusion.

We believe in the power of diversity - it's the only way to solve a problem from different angles.

We want to build a team that has a diversity that seeks comparability.

A team from all four corners of the sky, who use their knowledge and talent for a better crypto world.

The project in numbers:


Texas, USA

Construction area:

40,000 SF


Yates Construction

Energy consumption:

1.4 MW

Number of machines: 


Construction start:

planned early 2022

Mining start:

planned early 2023

We want to make crypto currencies green.