Next generation 

algo-trading software

for the global financial markets. 

Our D.N.A.

The Swiss UniCryp AG is a developer of algorithmic trading systems specifically for the global FX market for many years.

The success of our software is based on decades of experience of our developers team in the global financial markets.

We are based near Zug in Switzerland - the global hub for fintech and blockchain-technology.


Using mathematics to

simplify the financial markets.

Our trading software uses quantitative analysis based on mathematical models of historical and current market data.

Using a variety of indicators and constantly monitoring the current market environment, the system automatically identifies trading opportunities and executes the orders.


Streamline your trading - trust our reliable solution.

With our automated trading software, you can concentrate on your essential activities again in the future.

Rely on a trustworthy and experienced partner for your trading activities.

We provide a s-a-a-s solution for all types of professional market participants.