We have a responsibility - for now and future.

How to merge sustainability and success.

As a globally active company, we are aware of our responsibility.

Society, the climate change and the future are issues that are important to all companies.

From the outset, we have opted for a corporate philosophy in which financial success, growth and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.


How to save the planet and create wealth.

In the wake of ever more digital innovations in the financial markets, their environmental footprint is also coming into focus.

As a company focused on developing financial software and blockchain products, we have a greater responsibility here.

When selecting our partners, we also paid attention to their awareness of sustainable business practices

For example, our data centers and trading servers are powered exclusively by electricity from renewable sources.

In blockchain projects, we only use technology with low energy requirements and rely on existing blockchains instead of unnecessarily increasing energy consumption through mining.


Knowledge is power.

Achieve goals, acquire knowledge, prepare for life.

No matter where in the world the young generations are prepared for life through schools, universities and other apprenticeships.

Unfortunately, the topics of finance, digital changes therein, but also technological knowledge are often not sufficiently addressed in school time.

We want to remedy this situation.

Together with other financial companies and fintechs, we want to pass on this important knowledge to those who were previously excluded.