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Are you scared by the complexity of trading on the crypto and forex markets?

The financial markets, and in particular the crypto and forex markets, are highly complex constructs that present almost insurmountable barriers to entry for the nonprofessional.

Over the years, a whole industry has developed around seminars or webinars and other products for the retail trader.

Among them also a multitude of so-called Roboadvisors, which are supposed to take over the trading fully automatically.

But most of the time, both the seminars and the Roboadvisors miss their target.

On average, 84% of retail traders lose money.

Over the last few years our clients have been able to beat the markets several times.

*Past results are no indicator for future performance! CAPITAL AT RISK

Beat the markets with rocket science...

Mathematics is the solution to almost everything - this sentence from mathematics class still rings in our ears.
But it also has truth in it.

There is hardly a complex process that cannot be controlled by algorithms and made easier to understand.

Variables, constants and repetitions determine not only the control of space missions but also the global financial markets. 


...and decades of human experience behind.

Our SwissAlgoTrader was developed by a team of professional traders, financial market analysts and quant specialists.

This profound knowledge of our team, experienced over many years in the financial markets, is the basis for our success in automated trading of financial instruments over many years.


Live backed by our trading floor.

Markets change daily, almost by the minute.

Often, automated trading systems are fixed programmed - a big disadvantage when unexpected influences suddenly affect the markets.

Our software and performance are always controlled and adjusted according to the current market environment.

This is done directly from our trading floor, where our proprietary trading is also managed.


Successful in institutional trading for many years...

The SwissAlgoTrader has already been successfully used by institutional traders, funds and asset managers for several years.

Due to its modular functionality, it can work with or without leverage and is therefore suitable for all investor groups.

Institutional investors especially appreciate the so far low drawdowns and the stable performance over a long period of time. 

institutonal.png available for retail traders.

We have been thinking for a long time about different ways to create an opportunity for private investors to invest here as well.

Since there are now a large number of brokerage companies that focus on retail business, it is now possible for us to offer a PAMM for them.

Trust a robust risk management.

From the beginning the focus lies on the integration of a robust risk management.

The system executes small transaction sizes  many times a day based on specific conditions and trends. In addition manual overrides can be used during high volatility events to reduce risk further.


Your account, we trade.

Your money is yours and stays with you. 
Our trading technology makes it possible that you do not have to transfer money to us.
You open an account with one of our partner brokers or continue to use your current trading account (only possible with MT4 brokers).

You remain the master of your money.
Deposits, withdrawals, change of trading strategy or termination of the investment are possible at any time without a lock-in period.

We do not have access to your money, we only send our trading signals into your account using a special interface (Fix API).

You only pay for what you get.

We are a fair and transparent partner. This also means that we do not charge any management fees or usage fees without you having anything in return.

We trust in the success of our software and charge only a part of the profits generated by it.

At the end of the month or at the end of your investment, the performance fee is automatically settled by the broker.

How automated trading works.

Why choose us.


Professional solution.

The SwissAlgoTrader was developed by a team of professional trader and quant specialists.


Live backed by our trading floor.

The markets are changing every second - our strategy team is adjusting the settings of the software according to the actual market environment. 24/5!


Robust risk management.

To minimize the risk of losses in a further way we integrate a robust risk management, executing only small sizes with close stops.


No lock-in-period. It´s your money.

It is your money - and stays your money. 

You can withdraw your funds at any time. There is no lock-in period or minimum contract periods in this product.

Do not waste your time and money in trading.
Get in touch with us.


Get in touch with us.

We will talk about our approach and listen to your risk tolerance and investment goal.


Open account and deposit.

After you opened your account and did the legal things you can deposit your capital.


Become a trading superstar,
without trading yourself.

You will love the results.


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Our products are traded on margin and carry a high risk.

There is a possibility of total loss.

These instruments may not be suitable for all investors. Make sure you understand the risks involved.